Samir Mir Shaikh

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Samir Mir Shaikh

  • 13+ year tertiary and financial career. Consistent career growth in acquisitions, setup of new enterprises and macro business fields. Strong background in institutional development and business policies, lawmaking and politics. Well-versed in trade policies as well as economic relief and tourism policies.

  • Chairman; Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry- Higher Education, Science and Technology.

  • Head of Academics/ Secretary of Press and Public Relations - United Nations  Pakistan

  • Member;  Commissioner Task Force Karachi. 

  • Appointed Justice of Peace East, by the Chief Minister Sindh in 2014.

  • Member Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry & Member of Law and Order Committee KCCI.

  • Philanthrope and Social Activist, serving as an Advisor and Board Member of various NGO's and Non-profit organizations for citizens key issues and environmental factors

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of banking/financial industry and governmental policies and regulations, as well as intra-country policies.

  • Countries visited USA, Canada and the Continent of Africa on official invitation.

  • Proven ability to function in high-pressured ever-changing environment, interacting effectively with all levels of support staff and management.

    • Excellent interpersonal skills, coalition building, and collaborative partnerships. Ability to communicate orally and in writing, including technical and financial reports.

    • Strong analytical and problem solving skills; excellent decision maker and innovative thinker.